Sunday, August 21, 2016

I Have a Joke

I'm not known for my sense of humor.

Probably, it's true that I have no sense of humor.

Occasionally, however, I can come up with a joke.

Here goes: Donald Trump, Conrad Black and Boris Johnson walk into a bar . . .

That's the joke. That's all there is.

You don't think that's funny?

Then, I guess you have no sense of humor.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

"Things are seldom . . . .

...what they seem . . .

Those lines from Gilbert and Sullivan, oh, how true, how true.

Yesterday I ordered a book from Amazon. Today I got a message that your payment has been declined, I needed to go back and make some changes.

Vexed, I wondered what had gone wrong. Normally I can order very effortlessly from Amazon, with only "one-click". Then I remembered that I had received a replacement for the credit card I mostly use for online orders. Maybe the replacement had a different expiration date.

Following the clues, I re-entered the credit card information.

Success! The next message from Amazon is that the book will be sent to me because "You’ve successfully updated the billing address for your order!"


I changed the credit card information. I did nothing about the billing address.

Life is a new maze every day. Maybe several new mazes. Gilbert and Sullivan would love it.