Saturday, September 2, 2017

Navigating a Blog Maze

One afternoon some time back, I happened to be waiting in the parking lot of an unnamed high school.

I watched the students going to their cars. Many were carrying large pieces of plywood upon which they had constructed a maze about the size of your regular household mouse. Obviously they were biology students, with a project of timing how long it took a mouse to reach the food at the other end.

But maybe not. Maybe they were students of animal psychology. When a couple of the students walked close to my vehicle, I could see that the mazes were alterable. Hungry mouse might learn the pathway to the food, but next time the students might have changed the maze settings so that now the mouse would be confused. The old pathway to the food was now unexpectedly blocked, a new pathway had to be found by exploration. Keep making revisions to the pathway and poor mouse might die of starvation before reaching the food.

I am that poor mouse who confronts a new maze every time I try to create a blog post. It's an ever-changing maze. Don't try to learn a pathway -- the old pathway will be gone when I log on again. I'm getting weaker, I too, may die of starvation.

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